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Saturday, February 11, 2017
I am so excited to be teaming up with some amazing teachers to share our 
most treasured resources that we could not live without during our day! 
Special thanks to and for organizing this event!

Nothing helps this panicked teacher more than having a central location for all of my JUNK that I need to survive the day!  Honestly, I get so engrossed in what I am teaching/doing, that I tend to leave things around the room and before you know it I am constantly looking for EVERYTHING! 

In order to solve this problem, I have created a teacher SURVIVAL tote. My rule? Anything I take out must IMMEDIATELY be put back when I am finished with it. This has been a complete LIFE SAVER for me! As long as I can find my tote, I can find the supplies that I need. 

The good news? I am giving away the exact survival tote you see below, INCLUDING all of the goodies that go along with it! If you are the winner, I will ship this bag to you! :)

Take a look at the teacher tote that I am loving! (Thanks to my hub for taking the pic) ;)

This craft tote has loads of pockets, perfect to lug supplies around my room!
And, some people have asked me about what I put in my teacher survival tote…my must have contents are listed below! These will all be included to the winner of my Teacher Survival Tote.

LOVE these Paper Mate Ink Joys for writing notes to students and parents.
Jumbo Glue Sticks because you can never have enough glue. 
These Crayola markers are the BEST for making anchor charts!
Since my school only supplies red, blue, green, and black the multicolored pack is a MUST!
These markers make my hand hurt less while grading….they write like BUTTER! :)
Highlighting for days with these markers!
Gotta have colored pencils for shading in examples and drawings.
Am I the only one who can never find the tape in the classroom??? 
Everyone needs pink scissors.
I can not live without these mechanical pencils.
I never have a sharp pencil lying around so these make my heart happy!

AND, for those Target lovers out there, we are giving away a $100 Target gift card so you can pick up even more goodies for your classroom! Enter that giveaway below.
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Hop to the next blog, Teach at the Beach, to find out about the awesome game she is giving away!

Good luck on all of these amazing giveaways! 
What is your favorite must have for your classroom?
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